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I Help Organizations Reshape Their Workplace Safety Systems & Culture 




Peter Sturm is a senior safety executive consultant, safety strategist, author, teacher and co-author of the successful book "Accident Investigation Techniques", and helps organizations create a motivating, safe and sustainable workplace.

STURM Consulting is a leading-edge, health, safety, consulting and training firm. We focus on real safety solutions that affect your bottom line. We help you solve problems in the areas of incident investigations, audits, training, compliance and valuing our "human capital" for sustainable solutions.


We provide you with outcome-based solutions customized and specific for your budget and needs.  We only do work that has the potential to reduce your actual costs, increase profitability and build a safer workplace.


We are ready to work with you to assess your needs, evaluate options and develop solutions.



Third edition, edited by Peter Sturm will be available in 2022 including CSA Z1005 Investigation Standard updates.

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More than 30 Years of Real World Safety Experience & Expertise - Peter  Knows How to Connect With People!

Peter can address a wide range of topics important to the audience, as a keynote, a conference breakout, a workshop, a virtual event or as a motivation and informational session at your next in-house conference. He has a life-long passion for creating safer work environments, increasing profitability and exceeding the requirements of workplace safety and health legislation.  His personalized story telling and messaging align with your next safety event or employee event.  


Well known for his sense of humour and down to earth approach takes audiences on a journey through key points, humour and story-telling, so they take themselves to a higher personal level.  With timely, well researched, relevant and insightful messages, it will resonate with senior leaders, managers, supervisors and workers no matter the industry, group or organization.


These engaging and powerful keynotes, seminars and workshops identify core messages, build on conference themes and help people examine their choices along their life, work and safety journey.


If you’re looking for a high-content, motivational, relevant safety speaker who will leave a lasting impression, discuss several options with Peter.


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