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Introduction to the Occupational Safety & Sustainability Blog

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

This is the first edition of Workplace Safety and Sustainability Blog to the "safety world". It is an exciting time in the world of safety, and the safety profession has the opportunity to excel and move to the next level. The COVID world creates opportunities for the safety profession and professional. This blog will be a work “safety user” with focused and specific topics, timely updates, innovative thinking and challenging for the safety profession.

Who am I – And why should you care?

I have built my safety and sustainability acumen with over 35 years’ experience in safety, health and effective risk management. My obsession is with global safety, safety management systems, risk assessment and for the last decade the integration of the evolving discipline of “safety, sustainability and human capital.” Many continue to ask for information on “that sustainability thing” and this blog will bring leading perspectives and thoughts in emerging, evolving and at times difficult to understand concepts to provide simple to understand and a user focussed blog. Join me in the safety journey of a life time of learning and experience.

I commit to bringing you an interesting, thought challenging blog, and hope that you will be able to take to your daily professional practice

Historically, the safety profession and association began in the early 20th century. We as a profession have evolved and are supported by these organizations:

American Society of Safety Professionals (US), 1911

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (UK), 1945

Canadian Society of Safety Professionals (CAN), 1949

Board of Certified Safety Professionals (US), 1969

Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CAN), 1976

The world of safety and safety blogging is an area that we need to build upon and create a community of sharing, valuable exchanges and support each other.

A gap identified is that there are so many social media platforms, and a few good magazine and association based blogs that I review on a daily basis. However there is a need for a blog for all of us to exchange leading edge ideas and build our practice. Many blogs deal with daily questions or issues that someone is experiencing and this is a positive approach. However, a different safety tool is promised using this blog as the conduit for us all.

Are you open to new safety ideas and challenges?

This blog opens everyone of us up to new ideas, the integration of evolving and new business perspectives into the world of safety. I believe we need to move from regulatory compliance to research and fact based and leading health and safety. We need to build even more trust with our stakeholders, have focused professional competencies and a seat with senior business leaders every day. This will be realized through the evolving discipline integrating safety and sustainability which I am calling “safety+sustainability – the next generation of safety”

This blog is about you and moving our collective knowledge and experience with work safety. The plan is simple and based on simple focus:

  • moving from compliance to fact based safety

  • evolving and building on the sustainability+safety paradigm

  • sharing, learning, educating and challenging the safety profession

  • focusing on a global, competency based safety profession applicable and integral for every business, large and small

  • continuous improvement through leading safety management systems

  • real change through incident investigations helping our workplaces and our communities to be the best and safest

Join me on this blog journey commitment and vision to share, work together and realize the common goal of preventing workplaces injuries together, so that every day all of us go home after work better than we entered that day through “safety+sustainability”.

This is the introduction to the Workplace Safety and Sustainability Blog to the "safety world". We are in an exciting time

Peter Sturm is a speaker, consultant, author, and recognized safety professional with over 30 years of experience. He has written books and evidence-based articles and papers. He is president and founder of STURM Consulting Inc., which provides a full menu of safety leadership and culture-based services for organizations around the world. Please visit or for more information.


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